Laker Girls 2014-2015
Alanna Ariel Blake Brittany Jennifer Jessie Jordan Kaela Karla Kimberly Lizzi Marysa Nicolette Rachel Raquel Sarah Savanah Shelbie Stephanie Sujan Valerie
“I auditioned to be a Laker Girl because I loved everything the Laker Girls represented.”

Hometown: Perrysburg, OH

Education: Graduate of Perrysburg High School - Attended University of Akron

Hobbies: Reading, Horseback Riding, Camping, Cooking

Fun Facts:

  1. I was born in Michigan.
  2. My favorite color is green.
  3. I am afraid of birds.
  4. When I was a child, I played the piano.
  5. My family and I have a pet gecko.
  6. Fall is my favorite season of the year.
  7. If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Greece.
  8. My favorite animal is an elephant.
  9. I enjoyed archery when I was younger.
  10. I've pet and fed a beluga whale.

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