Laker Girls 2014-2015
Alanna Ariel Blake Brittany Jennifer Jessie Jordan Kaela Karla Kimberly Lizzi Marysa Nicolette Rachel Raquel Sarah Savanah Shelbie Stephanie Sujan Valerie
“I auditioned to be a Laker Girl because it has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl. I remember watching the Laker Girls perform for my first time and instantly knew I wanted to be a part of it all!”

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA

Education: Graduate of University of Arizona - Business Marketing Major

Hobbies: Surfing, Rollerblading, Tennis, Dirt Bike Racing

Fun Facts:

  1. I come from a family that loves basketball and have always been huge Lakers Fans!
  2. I love mini golf and have made a hole in one before!
  3. I can do a pretty mean impression Donald Duck.
  4. Summer is my favorite season.
  5. If I could pick one superpower it would be the ability to fly.
  6. Growing up I had a turtle named Tot-Tot.
  7. My favorite type of food is Mexican. I love all the spicy foods and do not think I could ever get sick of it!
  8. I love karaoke but am never able to sing on key! My go to song is "Summer Nights" from Grease
  9. I enjoy meeting new people! I feel I am a very social person.
  10. Shel Silverstein is one of my favorite writers. I love his humor, imagination, and his way of looking at the world.
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Favorite Item:

All Over Shimmer Powder - Kitten

All Over Shimmer Powder - Kitten

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