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Q: What daily activity gives you a great work out, even though it doesn’t seem like exercise?

A: Hiking and riding my bike are both great workouts that don’t feel like exercise. Plus, I love being able to enjoy the outdoors at the same time!

Q: What one fitness tip would you give to Lakers fans who are trying to stay fit? Nutrition tip?

A: The one fitness tip I would give to Lakers fans who are trying to stay fit would be to try to get in at least one hour of physical activity every day. My one nutrition tip is to keep your metabolism running by eating small meals throughout the day rather than large portioned meals.

Q: Has being a Laker Girl enhanced you in other parts of your life?

A: Being a Laker Girl has allowed me to live my dream! It has given me an opportunity to give back and get closer to our community.

Also, I feel it has taught me to overcome the fear of a big challenge and push myself to strive for the best.

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