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Hi Lakers fans!

My name is Lizzi and this is my first season as a Los Angeles Laker Girl. I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to be apart of the Lakers organization and to be representing the greatest NBA team!
I am excited to share some of the events that the Laker Girls are involved in, not only with the Lakers, but also with communities all over the greater Los Angeles area.

This past Tuesday, the L.A. Lakers played the Phoenix Suns at STAPLES Center. Before the big game, I made sure to drive through Carl’s Jr. and fuel up with my usual yummy salad and coffee. As usual, the Lakers fans came ready to cheer on the team and show their support for the Lakers organization. Although every L.A. Lakers game is exciting for fans, players and the Laker Girls, this game was made even more special by the continued welcoming of Kobe Bryant and the complimentary Black Out t-shirts that our fans received. Before the Laker Girls took the court, we could feel the palpable excitement coming from our fans. Lakers Fans everywhere know what Kobe means to the team and the entire Lakers organization, and it was an amazing experience to be apart of such a special evening.

Well, the Holidays are upon us and the Laker Girls have jumped in with both feet to bring the Holiday spirit to some very extraordinary fans. Aside from Lakers games, the Laker Girls love to go out in the community and represent the Lakers organization at different charitable events. This past week, a small group of Laker Girls experienced what will undoubtedly become a very memorable day. Some of you may have seen it on the news, but a few of the Laker Girls were fortunate enough to be apart of Delta’s “Holiday in the Hangar” event. In celebration of the Holiday season, approximately 100 children had the opportunity to ride in an airplane to the “North Pole”. Once they “landed” in the North Pole, the Laker Girls were among the lucky few that were there to greet them. For a few fun filled hours, the Laker Girls and a former Lakers player, A.C. Green, played basketball and visited with some VERY excited kids. Later in the week, a small group of us Laker Girls visited a very festive Senior Living Center. It is wonderful that we have fans of all ages, and we absolutely love getting to meet all of them! Sharing times like these with our beloved community is truly one of the highlights of a Laker Girl’s season.

Some of our fans may not know, but the Laker Girls cheer and dance at every home D-Fenders game as well. These games are a lot of fun because the smaller venue allows us to have a closer connection with our fans. We finished this weekend off strong by cheering on the D-Fender’s, since they had a game this past Saturday & Sunday. It was a very exciting game on Sunday, and we look forward to seeing more and more of you fans at these games the season progresses.

I continue to be amazed by the Lakers organization and our experience is truly special as a result of our fans and the City of Los Angeles. The Laker Girls are honored to represent the Lakers organization within the community, at various types of events and charitable functions... we sure do look forward to an amazing rest of the season - on and off the court.

Happy Holidays to all of you and go LAKERS!!

~ Lizzi


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