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Hello Lakers fans!

My name is Jenny. This is my second year as a Los Angeles Laker Girl and I am extremely fortunate to have the privilege to work for such a world renown organization. The past two years of my life has been an experience of a lifetime! Most importantly, I was able to meet so many of you……our beloved Lakers fans!

I hope everyone has been enjoying a great summer so far. Nothing compares to the electric energy the city of Los Angeles has to offer, right? We have the most amazing weather and we live in the most beautiful city! With the Lakers basketball season closing out earlier than we all had hoped, my teammates and I cannot be more proud of our team. We were honored to be able to perform on the STAPLES Center court week after week, in front of the most incredible fans in the world. There are no words that can describe how thankful we are for all of your continued support. We worked hard, day after day to perform the best routines at our games for all you Lakers fans!

Our work does not stop during the off-season though. All of us Laker Girls keep busy with personal appearances at local events and charity functions all over Southern California. Recently, a few of the Laker Girls participated at a Celebrity Golf Classic that took place in Orange County. The Lakers Girls have supported this event for a few years now. The event is dedicated to educating and empowering youth with knowledge to make critical decisions when faced with an emergency or a disaster situation. I was very happy to be involved with such a great event because it has always been a passion of mine to be involved with educating our youth. I think it's extremely important to promote knowledge (for any situation) at an early age. This event was a wonderful experience for all of us that attended. On my way home from the event, I was searching for a quick snack that would keep my energy going for the long day I had ahead of me and of course I turned to my favorite Carl's Jr. low carb burger to satisfy my hunger……it is a delicious meal loaded with protein!

The summer is an exciting time for the Laker Girls because, I believe many of you may be aware of this already, it is when we hold our open auditions. That’s right, our 2014-15 Laker Girls Audition is coming up in July. The open audition will be held on Saturday, July 12th to be exact. (Read More)

Although, if you are interested in trying out and want to prepare for the upcoming auditions, we are holding a Laker Girls Dance Workshop on Saturday, June 14th in Long Beach, California. Anyone who is 16 years of age and older can attend. Come learn Laker Girls choreography and get some helpful tips you can use, if you want to audition for our dance team in July. (Workshop Details)
We are so excited to see everyone at the dance workshop, so come and join us - it's going to be such an informative and fun-filled day of dancing!

With all the events the Lakers Girls have been involved with this summer, we are always so thrilled to meet of our fans. No matter where I am in California, I am always blown away by the number of Lakers fans and supporters. It's so amazing to see the love we share for our team - we have the best fans in the world!
I hope we see everyone back cheering on our team when the Lakers season starts again...

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope to meet some of you out in the community this summer!


- Jenny

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