Hello to all of you Lakers Fans!!

It’s Leah here.....
Can you believe we are in the last week of the 2011 NBA season???

To say this Lakers season has flown by is an understatement. Lucky for us, we are headed straight to NBA playoffs, which I could not be more excited about! This being my first year as a Laker Girl, I cannot believe the amazing opportunities I’ve been blessed with - in such a short period of time!

It all started with the actual transition of moving to Los Angeles. Being from the east coast, the beautiful L.A. weather was pretty easy to get use to! One of the first stops I had to make while out here was to a Carl’s Jr. restaurant.....
We don’t have Carl’s Jr. in Massachusetts, so my family has NO IDEA what they are missing out on!

The Laker Girls calendar shoot was my first big experience as a Laker Girl. The location in Malibu was breathtaking and it was a lot of fun spending time with my new teammates. I was the last shot of the day so the butterflies in my stomach were running wild! After hair, make-up, wardrobe and meeting everyone involved with the calendar, I was ready to go! My location was in a gorgeous pool with an incredible view of the ocean.
I felt like I had to keep pinching myself to see if it was even real.
I had a blast shooting photos - we shot up until sunset. A few months later, when our Director sat us down at rehearsal to reveal the actual calendar photos, I was shocked to see my face as the cover of the 2011 Laker Girl Calendar! What an honor!
Everyone involved worked so hard piecing the entire calendar together and I felt the end result turned out great.

One of my favorite things I’ve experienced as a Laker Girl this season, is being involved in the community. We’ve been lucky enough to work very closely with the Lakers Youth Foundation over the last few weeks. With the annual Lakers Golf Tournament and the Lakers Casino Night being the most recent events, we’ve all had the opportunity to meet many individuals who are involved with the foundation.
Casino night was a lot of fun; it took place after the Denver Nuggets game on April 3. It included fun photo booths, caricature artists, celebrities, our dance team and of course the Lakers players! It is such a gratifying feeling to be able to help out at charitable functions. Not only at these two events in particular, but for all the charity events we’ve been fortunate enough to work with all season long!

Life in California thus far has been so much fun! I cannot imagine experiencing it any other way than cheering the Lakers on to a 3-peat!!

From the calendar shoot, to the 2011 NBA All-Star game, to NBA playoffs, with everything in between, this season has been incredible! I feel so lucky to be a part of it all. I can only imagine what will be in store for the remainder of the season!!

Thanks for all the support - we truly do have the best fans in the NBA!!



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