The 2020 NBA Championship Ring

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Each member of the 2020 Championship Lakers team is receiving a ring that has more carats of diamonds than any other ring in NBA History.

The rings were completed for opening night in a record-breaking time of one month from the time the design was finalized.

The ring has a total of 804 stones and 15.50 carats of white and yellow diamonds.

Another .95 carats feature Lakers purple Amethyst stones.

The ring is complete with 16.45 carats of stones and approximately 180 grams of a signature batch of 14 karat yellow gold.

Meaning Behind the Details:

  • There are 17 Lakers purple amethyst stones placed in the L to represent the team’s 17 championships.
  • With .95cts of amethyst to acknowledge the 95 days the Lakers spent in the bubble.
  • There are .52cts of yellow diamonds to stand for the 52 regular-season wins.
  • Around the ring, there are 17 trophies to acknowledge the 17 championships.
  • Each player’s number surrounds the ring.
  • Each number has a Mamba snake behind it that pays homage to Kobe Bryant.
  • The 2020-21 team’s playoff slogan, “Leave a Legacy” is featured.
  • There is a removable top that reveals all the retired Los Angeles Lakers jerseys with a special emphasis on the two Kobe Bryant retired jerseys.
  • The background behind the retired jerseys is a snakeskin texture.
  • The removable top has UNITY written on the underbelly with each player's full name in the background.
  • The regular-season record is featured on the side of the ring.
  • The record of each individual playoff series is also featured on the side of the ring

Ring Opened

2010 Championship Ring

Season Capsule | Playoffs | Back-to-Back

Each and every ring is adorned with a piece of the actual ball used in game seven of the 2010 NBA Finals.

The two Larry O'Brien trophies representing the back to back titles are made from a custom batch of 16kt gold.

16 oversized round brillant white diamonds indicate the 16 championships the franchise has won.

Each player is immortalized with a three dimensional sculpture of their face on their respective rings.

The final score of the Lakers 83-79 game seven victory over the Boston Celtics is represented on the side of the ring in scoreboard fashion.

2009 Championship Ring

Season Capsule | Playoffs | Back-to-Back

The gold is of limited edition 15 karat variety to represent the 15th championship earned by the organization.

Per the request of Dr. Buss, there are 14 diamonds surrounding the top of the ring symbolizing the previous 14 franchise championships, with the Larry O’Brien trophy in the middle to represent the 2008-09 title.

As requested by Fisher and Bryant, there is a player image on the side of player rings, and within that image rests an etching of their respective jersey numbers. For example, Kobe Bryant's image contains the No. 24 in the upper right hand corner of that side panel.

The Los Angeles skyline is an element unique to non-player rings in place of the player's image.

The ring is two toned, with white gold representing the Lakers Sunday whites uniforms that honor legendary broadcaster Chick Hearn.

Each ring is authenticated by a serial number, and to further protect the authenticity, there are hidden etchings of the Lakers logo.

Kupchak contributed the idea to include the varying records of every individual playoff series on the side of the ring, which was done in addition to having the season record to capture the journey of the entire season.

2002 Championship Ring

Season Capsule | Playoffs

For the third year in a row, the Lakers chose Masters of Design to design and manufacture the 2001-2002 NBA Championship Ring. Howard Kaplan and Bob Bourbeau, sports specialist with Masters of Design, headed up the team that created the rings. This year's rings are not only symbols of excellence, but they themselves are a design with much symbolism.

The ring is made from 14 Kt. yellow gold and weighs approximately 50 pennyweight, making it the heaviest ring the Lakers have ever presented. Around the bezel of the ring are the words. "LAKERS WORLD CHAMPIONS." The word Lakers is in the Lakers logotype. On the bottom of the bezel, there are 8 brilliant cut diamonds weighing about .40Ct. total weight. The eight diamonds represent the 8 championships which the Lakers have won under the ownership of Dr. Jerry Buss. At the top of the bezel, there are 6 brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately .30Ct. total weight. These represent the 6 other titles won by both the Los Angeles and Minneapolis Lakers.

On the top, there are 61 round yellow diamonds weighing approximately .75Ct. total weight. These stones are set in yellow gold. The yellow diamonds represent one of the official colors of the Lakers. In the center of the top is a 1.50Ct. genuine amethyst, which is bezel set. The color of the amethyst represents purple, the other official color of the Lakers. Around this bezel are the words "BACK BACK BACK", representing the three consecutive championships. There are also 3 trillion cut genuine white diamonds weighing approximately .75Ct. total weight which represents the three championships in a row and the triangle offense.

On one side of the ring are the recipient's name, the NBA logo and for the players, their number. All of these are cut out letters and numbers. On this side are also the regular season and playoff records.

The other side of the ring contains the Lakers official logo. On this side is also a microphone with the name CHICK on it. This is a memorial to the legendary announcer Chick Hearn who passed away over the off-season. On this side are the words "SLAM DUNK", one of Chick's many sayings. Finally at the bottom of this side is the year 2002. The largest size ring is 16 1/2, the smallest 8 1/2.

2001 Championship Ring

Season Capsule | Playoffs

For the second year in a row, the Los Angeles Lakers chose Henry Kay Jewelers of Chicago and Masters of Design of Attleboro Falls, MA to both design and produce the 2000-2001 Back to Back NBA Championship rings. Henry Kay Jewelers and Masters of Design have manufactured championship rings for some of the top sports teams and private companies in the world.

The ring, which represents the 2001 NBA Championship is completely manufactured in the United States in Masters of Design's own factory. The ring which weighs approximately 42 pennyweights of 14 Kt. yellow gold contains approximately 1.07 carats of white diamonds. The ring's top is paveed in brilliant genuine yellow diamonds. The yellow diamonds weight approximately .60 carats. This is the first time in NBA history genuine yellow diamonds are being used. On top of the yellow diamonds are two diamond encrusted NBA Championship trophies. The bezel has the world "WORLD CHAMPIONS." At the bottom of the bezel, the word "LAKERS" is in the Lakers' type face. There are two bezel set diamonds on the bezel.

On one side of the shank is the full Lakers logo and the words "BACK 2 BACK" in a triangle to represent the Triangle offense of the Lakers. The year 2001 is at the bottom of that side. The other side has the player's name cut out and his number. In the middle is the NBA logo and the numbers 15-1, which represents the playoff record of the Lakers - the best in league history. The overall season record is also on this side. The largest ring size is 15 1/2, the smallest is 8 1/2.

2000 Championship Ring

Season Capsule | Playoffs

The Lakers chose Henry Kay Jewelers of Chicago and Masters of Design of Attleboro Falls, Mass. to design and produce the 1999-2000 NBA championship rings.

The ring, which weighs approximately 40 pennyweights of 14 karat yellow gold, contains approximately 2.05 ct. of diamonds. The top is paveed in brilliant cut diamonds with the Lakers logo on the top.

On one side, the player's name and number are cut out along with the NBA logo and regular season/playoff record. The other side shows the NBA championship trophy which has a 1/4 carat brilliant cut diamond as the ball. A triangle representing the triangle offense is behind the trophy.

The year 2000 is cut out at the bottom of this side as are the words "BLING BLING."

During the season, Shaq told his teammates the diamonds on their championship rings will go Bling Bling.

The largest ring produced - size 17 (Shaquille O'Neal). The smallest - size 8 1/2.

1988 Championship Ring

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1987 Championship Ring

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1985 Championship Ring

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1982 Championship Ring

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1980 Championship Ring

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