Gameday: Grizzlies 106, Lakers 93

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Box Score Los Angeles Lakers 23 27 23 20 93
Play by Play Memphis Grizzlies 24 35 24 23 106

Grizzlies win 106-93, Lakers lose 4th straight


Posted Jan 23 2013 10:46PM

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) Darrell Arthur scored 20 points and Mike Conley added 19 as the Memphis Grizzlies beat Los Angeles 106-93 Wednesday night, handing the Lakers' their fourth straight loss and 10th in 12 games.

Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni had talked before the game about how having an All-Star team with players not having learned their pecking order. Yet Los Angeles lost its seventh consecutive road game, and center Dwight Howard missed the second half after aggravating his sore shoulder in the first half.

Rudy Gay, Zach Randolph and Tony Allen added 12 points apiece as Memphis improved to 12-0 when scoring at least 100 points. Randolph also grabbed 10 rebounds. The Grizzlies had a 60-34 edge in the paint with Howard out the second half.

Kobe Bryant scored 29 points for the Lakers, Metta World Peace added 15, Pau Gasol 13 and Earl Clark 11.

Los Angeles came in as the NBA's fifth-best scoring team, averaging 102.6 points. But it was the Grizzlies topping 100 points for the first time since Jan. 11 against the Spurs, and they scored their most points since getting 113 against Sacramento on Jan. 7.

The Grizzlies had a short bench after trading three players to the Cavaliers on Tuesday, only getting Jon Leuer back in a move freeing up Memphis from the luxury tax. But the paperwork hadn't cleared on the physicals of the trio going to Cleveland in time to have him available against the Lakers.

Then Marc Gasol, Randolph, Hamed Haddadi and Bayless all picked up two fouls each in the first quarter. That forced coach Lionel Hollins to rotate his Grizzlies to keep them fresh, and rookie Tony Wroten, who has gotten most of his playing time in the D-League in Reno this season, had a career-best nine points by halftime.

The Lakers started quickly, scoring the first six points of the game and forced four turnovers. They looked like they had listened to D'Antoni's plea for better defense.

But they last led 30-28 on a 15-footer by Pau Gasol with 9 minutes left in the second quarter. Conley answered with a 9-foot runner to tie it up, and that started a 22-5 run as the Grizzlies took the lead for good. Conley capped the spurt with a fast-break layup with 4:25 left in the first half for a 50-35 lead.

Both teams shot better than 50 percent in the first half, but the Grizzlies led 59-50 at halftime. They led by as much as 21 in the second half and finished with a 27-3 edge on second-chance points. They outrebounded the Lakers 52-34, including 16 offensive rebounds.

Meanwhile, Howard was 0 of 4 from the floor and headed to the locker room with 2:21 left in the first half, flexing his right shoulder. He had been probable with a torn labrum and had a very physical first half against Gasol and Haddadi.

The Lakers got within 61-58 on a 14-footer by Bryant with 8:57 left in the third. That was as close as they would get as their woes worsened when Steve Nash, who came in a perfect 26 of 26 at the free throw line, missed his second attempt of the night with 3:07 left in the third.

Notes: Gay tied Pau Gasol as the Grizzlies' franchise leader in games played with 476 ... D'Antoni, told at least he didn't have to worry about coaching the All-Star game this season, joked, "just barely missed it by 30 games." ... Memphis had gone six straight games since last topping 100 points, and the Grizzlies needed overtime to do that against the Spurs. ... Memphis had a 43-29 scoring edge from the bench. ... Nash finished with eight assists but six turnovers.

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Points Bryant, 29
Rebounds Gay (MEM), 11
Assists Nash, 8
Steals Allen/Conley (MEM), 2
Blocks World Peace, 3


Mike D'Antoni:

On the game:
“Well [they were] too quick [and] too fast for us. They just beat us. They beat us to the ball. They beat us to the second chance points. That’s mostly what it was. They just got so many more shots than we did at the goal. We just didn’t play well.”

On Dwight Howard’s injury in the second quarter:
“I don’t know. They are still evaluating him. I am sure they will evaluate him tomorrow. He just reinjured the shoulder a little bit, and right now he is out obviously. But I don’t know what that means day-to-day. They will re-evaluate him when we get to Los Angeles.”

On the lopsided paint with the absence of Dwight Howard:
“Well that’s a big part of it. The rest of it, they were just quicker than we were at everything, rebounds and fast breaks, and we had some turnovers early in the first mini break. We turned over unforced errors. It cost us about eight points, and then we had the opportunity to knock it down halftime by a layup or foul shots. We just didn’t do it. It just slipped away. Then without Dwight in there, it kind of caved in a little bit.”

On the team’s overall performance:
“It is disappointing in a lot of areas. I do think they play as hard as they can play, and that’s what’s scary. I mean I don’t know how we can play harder or blame something else. We just didn’t play well.”

On playing on the road:
“It is tough. It is tough to be able to win on the road anywhere, especially against Memphis. We got to play well. I just didn’t think we were sharp. We don’t move the ball. There is not a flow, and that’s offensively. And then defensively, again, I thought they tried, and they just out quicked us in a lot of places. I thought Metta [World Peace] did a great job on [Zach] Randolph. I thought Earl [Clark] did a great job on [Rudy] Gay, two of the bigger things we pointed out. [Mike] Conley got off. [Jerryd] Bayless got off. [Darrell] Arthur got off, and busted us.”

On the team’s energy:
“We just don’t have a lot of flow out there. It is just a lot of individual play. Stuff is not good.”

Kobe Bryant:

On the loss:
“It’s just disappointing to lose period.”

On the game:
“We just have to go back to work tomorrow and work a little harder.”

On moving forward:
“It’s just disappointing to lose period.”

On the Utah Jazz:
“We have to study them, break them down, and try and take away what they do offensively.”

Steve Nash:

On tonight's game:
“First and foremost, I know I didn’t play that well tonight so I have to take some blame for the loss. I thought in general that we came out great. Our defense was good and our energy was good. When Dwight [Howard] went down, we couldn’t rebound with them [Grizzlies]. I think we lost the rebound battle by about 20 and that’s tough. It’s just another chapter in a difficult season, especially with Dwight getting injured against a big team in the first half. Unfortunately, we just didn’t play well after that.”

On team energy:
“I think we can [create energy]. I also think the way you create energy isn’t the same to each guy. I think we’re a little disconnected. It’s been tough to find that cohesion to make the game easy and fun, see the ball move and zip around the corner to find the open guy.”

On the team meeting:
“With Dwight getting hurt again, that’s not good for us. We found ourselves in a little hole again. It’s been a nightmare the last few weeks. We just have to keep fighting. I definitely feel tonight was a poor performance by myself, I just have to do better next game for the guys.”

“I think even offensively we haven’t quite fit together. We haven’t quite found that cohesion. We’re still a good offensive team. We still find ways to score most nights. I think we’re sixth in the league offensively, but it hasn’t been seamless. It’s been difficult and I think it’s slowed us down somewhat.”

Pau Gasol:

On tonight’s performance:
“The game didn’t turn out the way we would have liked. We started off well, but we allowed them to gain momentum with their strengths. They got a couple of steals, got to the fast breaks and used their bigger lineups against our smaller lineups and pounded ours in the glass. Those things can happen, but they shouldn’t happen like that. It shouldn’t be that big of a [statistical] difference that it was tonight. They were more aggressive getting to the lane. We just didn’t have enough and then Dwight got hurt. We just didn’t have enough as a team group tonight. We couldn’t sustain the effort that we brought in the first quarter.”

On playing from the bench:
“I’ve played my entire career as a starter. A couple of games, when I was coming back from injuries, I came off of the bench, which makes sense in those situations. I’m just trying to be positive and be a team player. I’m most concerned about our team’s performance as a group. I don’t want to create any team negativity as far as my position individually. I’m just going to try to contribute as much as I can from the bench or starting, whichever way the coaching staff believes is best for the team.”

Lionel Hollins:

On the teams rebounding effort:
“Well the whole group rebounded. Rudy (Gay) had 11, Zach (Randolph) had 10, Darrell (Arthur) had nine, Tony Wroten came in and got five and then Tony Allen got five. It was a team thing basically. We had 52 rebounds. We had 27 second chance points. We dominated the paint and we hurt them by attacking them off of the dribble in the pick-and-roll. Darrell had an unbelievable night tonight shooting the ball, really got into a rhythm, and everybody else just picked up from there. I thought the defense was good most of the night. It was just a great team win. I told the guys we have to be unified as one going forward when you’re shorthanded. I got on Tony (Allen) for getting a foul. I got on Marc (Gasol) for committing a foul. You can’t commit fouls that you don’t need to commit when you’re shorthanded. Everybody has to play smart. Everybody has to play hard. Everybody has to play together and all we can worry about is our effort and our attitude. Everything else, if we’re not good enough then we’re not good enough. Tonight we were fortunate. We had 28 deflections. We had seven times where we had three stops in a row. We just kind of ground the game up.”

On teamwork:
“You never know how a team is going to react in a situation like it is. We’re down a man and everybody has to go in and contribute. Here forward, everybody’s got to go in and contribute. Everybody has to be focused and everybody has to be committed and ready to do their job every night. We can’t have anybody taking a night off or two nights off. Everybody has to play.”

On Tony Wroten’s performance:
“He was good. He got to the basket and rebounded. He’s long and he’s quick. He still wants to shoot the ball from outside, but we’ll live with one or two of those.”

On the matchups:
“I didn’t plan on anything. I said when I went in that I had to see how it went and Tony (Allen) gets in foul trouble and Marc gets in foul trouble. So we had Hamed (Haddadi) in the game. We had no other size at the two and three after Tony (Allen) so I said I wanted Rudy to get on Kobe (Bryant) and let Darrell have Metta World (Peace). It’s just about matchups. I mean, this whole game is really about matchups and you try to keep the disadvantages at a minimum. Sometimes you have them and they don’t use them. Zach did a decent job with Earl Clark which was another matchup problem. Then, late in the game, we started dominating them in the paint with the smaller guys. We went at Metta World Peace. We went at Earl Clark. Wwe went at (Antawn) Jamison. The success was our effort and our commitment to each other. We defended, we got steals, we ran out and executed on the break, and it was total team effort overall.”

On Mike Conley matched up against Steve Nash:
“I thought the pick-and-roll stuff that we did, they had too many big guys guarding perimeter guys. They had Earl Clark trying to guard Rudy (Gay) so we ran him off the pick-and-roll so he was getting caught up in the pick-and-rolls. Then we turn around and run Mike into-the-pick and rolls and then (Steve) Nash was getting hung up, Metta World Peace was getting hung up. They’re just not use to playing in the pick-and-rolls night-in and night-out with their size. I thought the matchup of putting Metta World (Peace) on Zach (Randolph) was a smart idea and we exploited the other half of that with Clark trying to guard Rudy in the pick and roll.”

Tony Wroten:

On getting playing time:
“I’m taking advantage of every opportunity. When you don’t play in the beginning, it’s tough. You want to get down. You want to quit. But, it’s a long season. It’s an opportunity to work hard every day and take my days off. I am blessed enough to where it paid off.”

On how the trade affected him:
“There is a blueprint. No one had to come tell me. As soon as I saw the trade, I knew there was the opportunity I wanted to do this. They were strong enough players. We had the Lakers coming out and I had no choice. If you want to play you have to bring it.”

On his play tonight:
“On that dunk, all of a sudden it hit me. Not only was it Dwight Howard, it was also Pau Gasol – the two twin towers. It just seems like they’re going to block it. I just got up my energy and got that dunk. I’m usually a really emotional player, but when I dunked that I just smiled and got back. This is my dream to play in the NBA, and a game like this against Kobe Bryant, one of the best players every in the history of basketball, this is a dream come true.”

On his favorite moment of the game:
“The dunk! That dunk is definitely my favorite moment of the game. It was my first time to actually play in the game.”

On Tony Allen:
“Tony is a funny guy. He helped me a lot. He is the one who said stay with it. When I wasn’t playing, he was still encouraging me. Before the game and after the game when I work out, he is still there. He said, ‘Your time will come.’”

Chris Johnson:

On joining the Grizzlies:
“It’s a business. I came here today and I am thankful to be here to have this opportunity.”

On their defense:
“We take pride in playing defense. We feel like we set ourselves that we can defend with the best teams in the league. You know tonight this teams got a lot of weapons, they got Kobe, they got Dwight, Pau. I just thought we did a good job of loosening up our coverages and making things tough for them.”

On being nervous:
“This team was looking for a couple guys to come in and help them out. I was nervous at first. This is the game of basketball and I have been playing for a long time.”

Tony Allen:

On the Grizzlies:
“When we are faced with adversity we show that we can win. When adversity comes, when guys get hurt, we pull together. Guys just pull in and pull together. I think when we lose some we have a sense of urgency to get team wins and pull together. We just have got to continue this and I feel good about this win.”



Posted Jan 22 2013 6:12PM

Kobe Bryant called for changes after the Los Angeles Lakers' most recent loss, the latest twist in a season that gets seemingly more hopeless by the day.

The Memphis Grizzlies have already made a minor move - though perhaps one that will keep them from doing something more drastic down the road.

The Lakers look to avoid a seventh straight road loss for the first time since their only non-playoff season of the last 20 years Wednesday night against a Grizzlies team that's struggling to score.

Los Angeles (17-24) is in 12th place in the Western Conference exactly halfway through its season, hardly the path it expected to be on after adding Dwight Howard and Steve Nash.

Things have only gotten worse in January. The Lakers lost for the ninth time in 11 games this month Monday in Chicago, getting outscored 26-14 in the fourth quarter of a 95-83 defeat that left Bryant wondering what's next. "We're going to have to look at some things," he said. "We're going to have to change something. Probably going to have to post the ball a lot more, slow the game down a lot more. That's just my intuition, but that's my gut right now."

Bryant's suggestion would mean more touches for Pau Gasol, who came off the bench Monday for the second time in three games. He had 15 points and 12 rebounds against the Bulls, but has admitted to being "not excited" about his reserve role.

"I can't really worry about something that is out of my hands so I am just going to stay positive and do my best, but it is not something I am too thrilled about," Gasol said. "I wasn't expecting it. But right now we have bigger things to worry about as a group. As a team player that's what I'm most concerned about."

The Lakers are four games behind Houston for the West's eighth spot, but they've shown little to suggest they're capable of a turnaround. Los Angeles is 1-10 away from home against above-.500 teams, and a loss Wednesday would give the franchise its first seven-game road skid since 2004-05 - its lone season out of the playoffs since 1993-94.

The Lakers have already lost once at Memphis (26-14), falling 106-98 on Nov. 23 as Rudy Gay scored 21 points and Zach Randolph's 12 boards helped the Grizzlies hold a 39-28 rebounding edge. Howard and Gasol were held to a combined 13 points.

Gay and Randolph have been the subject of trade rumors with Memphis over the luxury tax threshold this season, though it still owes those two and Marc Gasol more than $100 million over the next two years. But the Grizzlies made a deal Tuesday to shed more than $6 million, trading Marreese Speights, Wayne Ellington, Josh Selby and a future draft pick to Cleveland for Jon Leuer.

That will get Memphis under the threshold and should keep it from shopping Gay or Randolph until at least this summer, but the Grizzlies are having enough offensive troubles as it is. They were held to 85 points or fewer for the sixth straight game Monday, falling 82-81 to visiting Indiana.

"I think we just get too complacent," guard Mike Conley said. "I think we start the game one way, up-tempo and in the flow, and as soon as that happens we try to get the ball inside and try to slow it down.

"We're playing two ways. We just have to find one easy flow and keep the momentum."

Ellington led Memphis with 17 points Monday, and without his 42.3 percent 3-point shooting, one of the league's worst teams from long distance is in more trouble. The Grizzlies are shooting 25.0 percent (22 of 88) from beyond the arc in their last eight games.

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Lakers Steve Blake
(abdominal surgery) is out.
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(torn labrum, left hip/herniated disc) is out.
Dwight Howard
(torn labrum, right shoulder) is probable.

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