The New Lakers Court

The Lakers are unveiling a new court for the 2012-13 season with a couple of new additions. The biggest feature of the new court can be seen dead center as the team takes a cue from the world of soccer by adding a star for each of the 16 championships around the primary logo. Other new features include the team's @Lakers twitter handle, replacing the old look on the baseline with the team's script wordmark and the addition of the secondary logo just outside the key. Check out the pictures below for more details.

1 The first strip of the new court is laid down at STAPLES Center. (Ty Nowell/

2 The block white letters in a purple box have been replaced on the baseline by the script from the Lakers primary logo. (Ty Nowell/

3 The official twitter handle of the team has been added in front of the visiting team's bench. (Ty Nowell/

4 The Lakers secondary logo, which appears on the team's shorts, now sits just outisde the key. (Ty Nowell/

5 is also represented in front of the Lakers bench. (Ty Nowell/

6 The biggest addition to the new court takes a cue from the world of soccer, with a star representing each of the Lakers 16 championships around the team's primary logo at center court. (Ty Nowell/

7 A look at the early 2000s three-peat stars huddle together just under the center court logo. (Ty Nowell/

8 A close-up look at the star honoring the latest of the Lakers title teams. (Ty Nowell/

9 The star commemorating the 1982 champs sits to the far right of the logo. (Ty Nowell/

10 Here's what your new court looks like when viewed from the top of section 104. (Ty Nowell/

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