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The Lakers Youth Foundation is dedicated to promoting youth basketball and teaching children how to stay fit for life. We are proud to offer local organizations the opportunity to host a free basketball clinic or fitness clinic for children in their neighborhood. The clinics are designed to be interactive, make physical fitness fun, and teach kids how to stay active and healthy.

Our clinics are open to boys and girls ages 8-17. No prior basketball experience is necessary to participate in our basketball clinics. Children will be shown the fundamentals of the game, such as passing, ball handling, shooting, and rebounding. In our fitness clinics, children will perform exercise and fitness activities focused on improving their agility, balance/body mechanics, cardiovascular endurance and strength. All participants will learn the importance of proper nutrition, hydration, and how to prevent injuries.


  • At this time, only Los Angeles County based non-profit organizations are eligible to apply.
  • Interested and eligible organizations should select one type of clinic (basketball or fitness) and apply only once per twelve (12) months.
  • A clinic can accommodate 50-75 participants depending on size of court or field. We are proud to provide clinics free of charge, but it is important that we maximize our resources efficiently. Therefore, please do not apply if you cannot meet the minimum requirement of 50 participants.
  • To host a basketball clinic, an otherwise eligible organization must have access to an indoor or outdoor full size basketball court with at least two baskets of regulation height.
  • To host a fitness clinic, an otherwise eligible organization must have access to an outdoor grass area that is at least the size of a regulation soccer field.
  • Eligible organizations who are selected to hold a clinic will be required to sign a Host Site Agreement, and all participants and their parent or legal guardian must sign a Release of Liability/Waiver form.
  • For participant's safety, all participants must wear appropriate athletic shoes and apparel.
  • Applications cannot be saved and completed at a later time. We suggest you review the questions below before beginning your application.

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