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Donation Request Guidelines

Lakers Community Donation Requests

The Los Angeles Lakers proudly assist non-profit organizations in Southern California by donating Lakers items to their fundraising events. Please read the donation guidelines below:

  1. Requesting organizations must be a valid 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
  2. The non-profit organization or fundraising event must be based in Southern California. Priority is given to Los Angeles non-profit organizations.
  3. All requests must be received at least six weeks prior to the fundraising event.
  4. Non-profit organizations are only eligible to receive one donation per calendar year.

Request Form Guidelines

If you believe your non-profit organization is eligible to receive a donation, please take a moment to fill out the request form below. Please be mindful that:

  1. In addition to completing the fields below, you are encouraged to attach a letter about your event or non-profit organization.
  2. Email addresses entered below will be used solely for communication with the Lakers Community Relations Department.
  3. Donation requests are considered based on the date of the fundraising event. All properly submitted requests will receive an answer, via email, approximately three weeks prior to the date of the event. Donated items will be mailed out shortly thereafter.
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