2014 Little Big Shot

On April 6th 2014 the Los Angeles Lakers and Jack in the Box hosted the Little Big Shot Contest at Lafayette Park in Downtown Los Angeles. The Little Big Shot Contest is a competitive basketball shootout tournament which brought 31 teams from around Los Angeles together to compete and bring awareness to Big Brothers Big Sisters. All proceeds from the tournament benefitted Big Brothers Big Sisters in the greater Los Angeles area.


Jack in the Box
  • 1st Place: Lafayette Adult Team 1 (Community Team)
  • 2nd Place: Shatto Park Adult Team 2 (Community Team)
  • 3rd Place: Ocean’s Team (Councilman Huizar’s Office)
  • 4th Place: Bigs & Littles Team

Throughout the day Jack in the Box hosted activities for the participants at the competition and those who came to cheer the competitors on.

Thank you to Jack in the Box and their volunteers for hosting a great tournament for teams of all ages to enjoy!