Inclusive Arts Day 2016

Official Lakers Release

750 students came out to Inclusive Arts Day, presented by Delta Air Lines, on May 6 for a morning of painting, music and sculpting with Lakers forward Julius Randle and the Laker Girls. Delta teamed up with P.S. Arts, an organization dedicated to bringing art to the community, inviting the Lakers and Grand View Blvd. Elementary School to celebrate art and the importance of creativity.

From start to finish, P.S. Arts and Delta were committed to creating an inspiring and educating, artistic atmosphere. The day was a celebration of the importance of art and creativity and how it can contribute to healthy and productive learning environments that are inclusive and aspirational for students.

Upon arrival, each student received a bag filled with Lakers goodies that that they used to hold their works of art as they moved across the Grand View Elementary plaza, which had been transformed into a six-station art studio! The six stations were arranged to offer the students the opportunity to explore different outlets of creativity in painting, sculpting, sketching and music. Randle and the Laker Girls made their way around each station, working on their own pieces and helping the students with their works of art.

Thanks to Delta and P.S. Arts, the Lakers and students of Grand View Blvd. Elementary School were treated to a fun-filled day and one that will serve as a lifelong reminder of the positive effect that the arts and creativity can have!

Photos courtesy of Angela Weiss Photography

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