Congratulations to EmpowHer Institute for winning the $2,500 Lakers Youth Foundation YOU Grant! You can read about EmpowHer Institute’s project below. Thank you to the other finalists for their great submissions. Remember to visit for more grant opportunities

EmpowHer Institute

Mission: EmpowHer Institute’s mission is to empower girls and women by helping them gain the skills necessary through education, training and entrepreneurship to seek fulfilling and productive lives.

Project: A grant of $2500 will enable EmpowHer Institute to continue to provide programs and administration for low-income girls between the ages of 11-18 enrolled in schools in neighborhoods with greater than a 50% dropout rate. Our programs address career development/life skills, financial literacy, and leadership development for 300 youth annually.

We offer paths to success through mentoring, hands-on coaching, providing role models, and exposure to venues outside the girls’ everyday lives. Our programs are delivered during school “academies” and elective classes in both middle and high schools. We bring in successful women and business owners to share their journey with our girls so that they learn that all challenges are surmountable. School academy and elective programs are taught by credentialed teachers or school counselors who are trained in the EmpowHer curriculum. Plus, our programs are designed to be fun and interactive so that the girls stay engaged and become more passionate about school.