Lakers Team Up to plant a “Teaching Garden”

The “Teaching Garden” that the Lakers planted was one of several such gardens that had been constructed and filled earlier in the day by the students of Figueroa Street Elementary and Point Dume Elementary, in Malibu. The students worked together throughout the morning to assemble each garden’s wooden frame and shovel in the soil that will help the vegetation grow. The “Teaching Garden” program is part of a larger American Heart Association “healthy behavior change revolution” designed to help Americans understand what it means to be healthy, and to take action. The program provides hands-on learning experience rooted in offering kids nutritional food choices.

The 2010 NBA Cares Week of Service tip-off coincides with the five year anniversary of NBA Cares, which was launched on October 18, 2005. Through NBA Cares, the league, its teams and players have donated more than $145 million to charity, completed more than 1.4 million hours of community service, and created more than 525 places where kids and families can live, learn or play.

During NBA Cares Week of service, NBA teams and players are hosting a variety of hands-on service events in a continued effort to give back to children, families, and the community and to increase fan awareness about the importance of service. The 2010 NBA Cares Week of Service tipped off on Monday, Oct. 18 and runs through Monday, Oct. 25.

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