Alex Caruso vs. Portland
July 17, 2018
LAS VEGAS — Twenty-four hours after going six rounds with Cleveland in a double-overtime battle, the Lakers simply...
Josh Hart vs. Cleveland
Julius Randle
March 05, 2018
LOS ÁNGELES – “Dejamos que se nos escape… Es la tercera vez que nos sacan un juego”. ...
Isaiah Thomas vs. Portland
March 05, 2018
The Lakers had won nine straight at home, eight with Lonzo Ball in the lineup, and five overall. Damian Lillard changed all of that.
Julius Randle vs. Portland
March 05, 2018
Below is a running diary of the Lakers’ game against the Portland Trail Blazers, with comments drawn from Mike Trudell’s
Lakers-Blazers Game Day
Kyle Kuzma vs. Portland
December 23, 2017
After four consecutive battles with the NBA’s elite class, Lakers head coach Luke Walton felt that a shorthanded Trail Blazers team...