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The Lakers have been playing basketball in Los Angeles for 60 years. So this year as we countdown to our 2019-20 season opener, we’re going back, literally, to the places where history was made. This picture within a picture execution puts our audience in two places at once, the then and now, as a way to pay tribute to our past and look forward to our very-near future — the season of focus.

City Hall 1985 Championship Parade Then: The first official Laker Day.
Now: 8 days until our first game of the season that marks our 60th year of Lakers basketball in LA.
Forum Kobe @ the Forum Then: The Age of Kobe began.
Now: 7 days until a new era starts.
Chick Hearn Chick Hearn Court Then: Legends are forever.
Now: 6 days until legends are made.
Coliseum Laker Girls Then: Lighting up the 2010 Championship Parade.
Now: 5 days until they’re lighting up the #LakeShow.
Marina Showtime Team on Boat Then: Showtime squad livin’ the dream.
Now: 4 days until this team’s chasing theirs.
LeBron James LeBron James Arrives Then: The kid from Akron arrived in LA.
Now: 3 days until he leads the team into their second season together.
Walk of Fame Jerry Buss Hollywood Walk of Fame Then: The Doctor is cemented among the stars.
Now: 2 days until the stars shine bright once again.
Anthony Davis AD, Rob, Frank Then: AD’s first day on the job.
Now: 1 day until he helps the team get the job done.

We gotta know… what's been your favorite part from the past 60? Post & #LAL60


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