D'Angelo Russell
D'Angelo Russell celebrates with family after being drafted by the Lakers.
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Post-Draft Reaction: D'Angelo Russell

by Joey Ramirez
Digital Reporter

Having just been selected by the Lakers with the No. 2 overall pick, D’Angelo Russell spoke via phone with the Los Angeles media. Below is a transcription of Russell’s reaction:

Q: On how he felt after being drafted
I can’t really put a nail on it. I just know that the cameras were coming my way, the time ran up, Adam Silver started to make the announcement, and I looked at my dad’s eyes and he started tearing up a little bit. So it kind of made my emotions rattle a little bit. I knew right away that it was my time.

Q: On whether he expected to be drafted by the Lakers:
I heard so many names these past few months that were ahead of me for that second spot, so I never really thought it would come so soon that I’d end up enjoying not having to sit out there with my nerves going crazy. But that I’m hanging out here and really get to enjoy it is a blessing.

Q: On what he brings to the Lakers:
I’ll definitely bring back that winning attitude. Kobe (Bryant), we don’t know how much he has left in the tank, so whatever he has to offer to the younger guys and take them under his wing would be great. Definitely looking forward to that.

Q: On what he felt he showed the Lakers in his workouts:
I definitely showed them my skill. It was hard to compete against anybody and show my competitive nature, because I was doing individual workouts. I felt I was able to show my skill level, so that’s about it. My thought process going into it was that.

Q: On what about his mentality will fit in when he comes to Los Angeles:
That’s a great city. Who wouldn’t want to be there? So for me to really get this opportunity to go to L.A. and play (for) this beautiful franchise of winning that’s been going on throughout the years, I can’t complain about it one bit.

Q: On what people’s expectation of him should be after Byron Scott said that he thinks Russell can be a star:
Exactly what he said. I know my confidence has gotten me over the hump plenty of times, but for him to say that, I can’t do anything but respect it.

Q: On his style of play:
I know that the spacing in the NBA really lets guys go out and showcase their skill if they have it, and I’m a guy that really does great with spacing. So for me to have spacing like that in the NBA and play for a team like the Lakers that really lets their guys go out there and showcase it, I’m more than blessed for that.

Q: On the debate on whether to use a high pick on a big or a guard:
Who won the championship? (Golden State) put something together that was beautiful with just wings and guards. There were no fives out there on the floor. It’s slowly fading into a wings and guards league.

Q: On what he can take away from Byron Scott, who has coached several all-star point guards in the past:
I’m cool with Chris Paul, and Chris Paul spoke very highly of Byron Scott, and Byron Scott vice-versa. He really has a great way with his guards.


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