Bryant Discusses Recovery

Kobe Bryant is still recovering from surgery on his right rotator cuff, but he was on the bench supporting his teammates against the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday. Bryant spoke with Lakers Reporter Mike Trudell during the fourth quarter about his recovery and future.

Below is a full transcription of the interview.

Mike Trudell: How does this recovery from your shoulder injury compare to the ones that you suffered the last two seasons with the legs?
Kobe Bryant:
The Achilles one was horrible. This one’s much, much better. I can move around a lot more and it feels strong.

Trudell: Only four players in NBA history have played more regular-season and playoff minutes than you. So what do you have left in your legs, and what can you expect from yourself next season?
To be ready. I’ll train just like I normally do and do everything possible to be ready and come back with a vengeance.

Trudell: Is this an advantage in that you have your legs available to do stuff in this summer, whereas the last two injuries were a little bit different?
Yeah, it’s definitely an advantage. I can start running pretty soon and start lifting weights and getting my legs strong, whereas the last few injuries I haven’t been able to do that.

Trudell: Julius Randle is hoping to work out with you this summer. What can you impart on him? And what can he gain this season despite not having played more than that one game?
Just footwork. A lot of it’s footwork and timing and just the small, intricacies of the game that I can share with him.

Trudell: And then Jordan Clarkson: Safe to say the Lakers got a steal picking him 46th in the draft. What do you think about that kid? What can he do to keep getting better?
He looks great. He’s playing with a lot of poise. He’s reading the defense well. For him, it’s just playing and getting better — and again: footwork and recognizing defensive packages.

Trudell: There has been a lot of positive reaction to your film on Showtime, Kobe’s “Muse.” What do you feel about how it’s come out and putting yourself out there to that degree?
I felt it was fine. We set out to make a film that was truthful. We didn’t set out to make a popular film, per say. We wanted to do something that was authentic, and it involved a lot of soul-searching. But I’ve got to tell you, man, we had a great team. We’re a close-knit group, and we wound up with something we’re all very proud of.