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It's Official

NBA owners, players approve new labor deal

One-hundred-and-sixty-one days after the NBA's labor lockout of 2011 began, it ended.

Deal Points

GameTime: What's in the deal?

David Aldridge joins Game Time to go over the details of the new agreement between the NBA and the players.

Winners & Losers

Aschburner: New CBA winners & losers

"The changes were intended -- and fought for, to the brink of the unthinkable -- to make the NBA both economically healthier and more balanced competitively. "
- NBA.com's Steve Aschburner
Aschburner: New CBA winners & losers

    Economic Changes

    The post-lockout NBA

    The landscape of the NBA will look drastically different from an economic standpoint when play resumes.

    Around The Media

    Hang Time Blog: It's finally over

    Hang Time surveys the Web as the basketball world rejoices at the apparent end of the NBA lockout.

    Inside The Schedule

    2011-12 schedule breakdown

    The NBA has announced the general structure of the 66-game 2011-12 schedule which will start on Dec. 25.

    Basketball Is Back

    The final breakthrough

    Both sides announce the tentative settlement agreement that would end the lockout and have games start Dec. 25.

    The Issues

    Tentative deal struck

    NBA.com's Steve Aschburner details the finer points of the labor agreement -- what's in the deal and what's not.

    Shaq's Take

    Shaq weighs in on...

    TNT analyst Shaquille O'Neal weighs in on the agreement between the players and owners.