by Jonah Ballow

For the second consecutive year, the Knicks will participate in the Orlando Pro Summer League as part of the six-day event that will feature seven teams including New York.  The Magic, Pacers, Heat, and Thunder will all play five games leading up to a championship contest based on the final standings.

From the official press release:

A point system will establish the standings leading up to the final day, with eight points awarded each game based on: four points for winning the game and one point for winning a quarter (in the event of a tied quarter, each team will receive 0.5 points). In the event of ties in seeding heading into championship day, three tiebreakers will be in place: 1) total point differential; 2) total points allowed; 3) coin flip.

The Knicks schedule:

Saturday, July 1:
New York vs. Dallas at 3 PM on MSG Network

Sunday, July 2
New York vs. Detroit at 1 PM on MSG Network

Monday, July 3:
New York vs. Oklahoma City at 1 PM on MSG Network

Wednesday, July 5:
New York vs. Orlando at 5 PM on MSG Network



Four 10-minute quarters

Eight-minute halftime

  • Ten-minute warm-up period prior to the start of each game
  • Teams are in the penalty on the 10th team foul or second in the last two minutes
  • Players foul out on their 10th personal foul
  • Each team will receive two full timeouts per half

Mandatory timeouts will be taken at the first stoppage of play after 5:59 and 2:59 of each quarter

A timeout taken by a team will negate the next mandatory timeout in that quarter

Timeouts do not carry over

  • All timeouts will be 1:45 in duration
  • Each team will also receive one advance (stop play, ability to substitute, and inbound the ball from the 28’ mark in the frontcourt) in the last two minutes of the 4th quarter and in any overtime period


Two-minute overtime period

Each team is allowed one timeout

Each team is allowed one advance

Penalty begins on the 2nd team foul

  • The second overtime period is sudden death (first team to score a point wins)

All other NBA rules apply.


  • Each team will play five games over the six-day event
  • Standings will be kept over the first five days of the league according to a point system (described below)
  • Every team will play their fifth and final game against the opponent seeded most closely to them in the standings

-For example, the two teams with the highest point totals will play in the Championship game; the teams with the third and fourth-highest point totals play in a third place game, etc.


  • Standings over the first six days of the league will be kept using an EIGHT-POINT SYSTEM. In this system, eight points are awarded each game and distributed as follows:

-Four points for winning the game

-One point for every quarter a team wins (in the event of a tied quarter, both teams will receive 0.5 points)

  • As a result, the winning team in each game can collect between five to eight points, while the losing team can collect from zero to three points.


  • Championship seeding will be determined by a team’s total points in the league standings 
  • In the event of a tie, the following tie-breaker steps will be in place:

Tiebreaker 1:               Total point differential

Tiebreaker 2:               Total points allowed

Tiebreaker 3:               Coin flip

  • NOTE – Overall or head-to-head win/loss record will NOT impact championship day seeding. Seeding will be determined solely by the criteria above.

Stay tuned to for complete coverage and the upcoming roster reveal prior to game action in Orlando.