The New York Knicks Science of Basketball Program Presented by CDW provides hands-on STEM curriculum and programming to elementary and middle school teachers and students throughout the Tri-State area. The New York Knicks Science of Basketball curriculum utilizes basketball examples to improve student interest and performance in STEM through hands-on, project based, and social emotional learning.


Curriculum Adaptation and Development

A Science of Basketball curriculum for elementary and middle school students with the focus on engaging students with STEM basketball lessons.

Teacher Training & Workshops

Training sessions focused on the curriculum for elementary and middle school teachers with an emphasis on basketball examples that align with state math, science, and physical education standards.


Knicks Science of Basketball provides curriculum materials via a Learning Management System where teachers and students can access supplementary materials including worksheets, videos, photos, etc.

Teacher Kit

Kits containing the necessary classroom materials to implement the STEM lessons based on around your New York Knicks.


Teacher Training Workshop

The Knicks invited local middle school teachers to the inaugural event of the Science of Basketball program powered by CDW & Microsoft Surface for a teacher training workshop. The training session focused on the STEM curriculum developed around basketball and the New York Knicks.

STEM Field Trip

The Knicks hosted teachers and students for a STEM Field Trip Day powered by CDW & Microsoft Surface. For the final event of the Science of Basketball program, the students participated in a day full of fun including STEM activities/stations, giveaways, and special appearances from Knicks alumni.

Lessons with Science of Sport

How to Measure Your Wingspan by Science of Sport

Elasticity by Science of Sport

Stem Careers by Science of Sport

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About This Program

The Science of Sport is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to developing curriculum and programming that promotes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) through sports. Programs are designed to bring math and science to life through in school exercises and hands-on learning by providing engaging programs for students and teachers. The goal is to translate the love of sport into an appreciation, understanding and passion of the science and mathematics underlying the sport. Through this approach, they aim to empower students who may be underperforming academically by relating core curriculum topics to their athletic strengths, capabilities, and interests. Learn more at: