Willie’s Blog: China Recap

Hear from the Kings big man as he closes out his eight-day trip to China.
by Willie Cauley-Stein
Kings Center

Hey Kings fans, just got back to the United States and can’t wait to see all of you soon.

My first trip to Asia was a success! We got a chance to hit some of the most populous cities in the world and it was all such a blessing.

Standing on the Great Wall was pretty unreal. It’s so crazy to think that they built something that huge so long ago and that it’s still solid today. The same goes for the Forbidden City. The fact that it’s still so well preserved is amazing.

Shanghai was really cool. I’ve never seen so many skyscrapers – some buildings you couldn’t even see the top they went so high. The Visit California Dreamers Basketball Clinic was great. It was just super fun to see how it doesn’t matter what language you speak or where you’re from, the game is the same and I had a lot of fun playing with the fans!

Hong Kong was great! It felt a lot like Miami with the humidity and the buildings right on the water. I really enjoyed going up to Victoria Peak and overlooking the harbor. I also got a chance to just take it easy and enjoy the culture.

It’s not like it is back home where people recognize me wherever I go. Most people only stared because I’m so tall, but it was nice to experience a different side of our global culture. Overall, it was my favorite stop on the trip.

I was able to get a lot of good workouts in as well – the heat was intense though! I’m feeling better about my body every day and working hard to keep improving next season.

As of now, I’m thinking I need to take a little vacation in my home state because I haven’t really experienced as much of California as I should at this point.

I want to thank Visit California CEO Caroline Beteta and everyone else on this trip for inviting me and making it all happen. It was an incredible experience!

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