Swipa Unveils Nike’s New Self-Tying Kicks

The Swoosh tabs De’Aaron Fox to star in their campaign for the Nike Adapt BB.
by Tracee Jay
Social Media Producer

This week, Swipa was doing a lot more than just winning games.

No. 5, joined by fellow NBA and WNBA stars, were involved in the launch of Nike’s new technological advancement, the Nike Adapt BB.

First hinted at in a tease, the shoe was released on Tuesday to the world.

A basketball shoe with self-tying laces and its own mobile app, the $350 pair is set to release globally on February 17.

The landmark kicks do more than just tie themselves. The Nike Adapt BB will have the ability to be customized to each particular wearer’s fit.

Paired with the Nike Adapt mobile app, you can loosen, tighten and change the colors in two separate areas to your liking.

Pre-orders are available now, and keep an eye out to see if De’Aaron is rocking them at an upcoming game.

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