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Rondo, Cousins, and Karl Have ‘Powerful’ Meeting

Learn more about the positive discussion between two of the Kings star players and the team’s head coach.
by Kyle Ramos
Social Coordinator

A meeting that was supposed to last 15 minutes turned into a two-hour session between Kings head coach George Karl, Rajon Rondo, and DeMarcus Cousins.

Both Boogie and Rondo have been instrumental to the Kings this season, but both are also unsatisfied with the team’s current 7-12 record. In order to get back on track, No. 9 and No. 15 wanted to sit down and talk with Coach Karl about what could be done to start winning more games.

Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports recently spoke to Rondo and Big Cuz about their meeting with Karl and wrote an article documenting what it’s meant for the team.

“It was a powerful meeting for all three of us,” Rondo told Spears. “We asked [Coach Karl] to just sit with us so we can pick his brain and share our thoughts. What I love about [Karl] is he’s very open. George is not a dictator. ‘What can we do positively? What can we do to improve?’”

The discussion between the three consisted of a two-way conversation where Karl had input on what he think could get better and Rondo and Cousins also shared areas where they wanted to see alterations.

Among these changes, Rajon and DMC wanted Karl to know that he should not hesitate to hold them accountable when reviewing game film with the team.

“If you have to bully me or call me out, I can accept that. I’m a 10-year vet,” said Rondo to Spears.

“We’re just trying to correct every mistake we have,” DeMarcus told Spears. “We want to be a winning team, and I feel it starts with myself on down to Rondo as well.”

Following this positive meeting, the three parties decided that it would be a good idea to make this discussion happen more often, setting out time each week to speak to each other.

“We are going to continue to communicate on a weekly basis, good or bad,” said Coach Karl to Spears. “If we are in a good stretch, we are going to still communicate.”

As for the relationship between Rondo and Big Cuz, the two continue to form a stronger bond as the season goes on.

“The way we compete and the type of competitors we are, it’s hard for us not to get along,” said Cousins to Spears. “I’m soaking in all I can. He’s a champion. I basically look up to him.”

No. 9 also referred to DMC as “best big man in the game” and told Spears that he’s wanted to play with Boogie for the past three years. Rajon also mentioned his mentorship role with Cousins and that he is trying to pass on knowledge that was passed on to him during his Boston Celtics days.

“…I want to be his big brother like [Kevin Garnett] was to me, showing me the ropes and helping me along the way,” Rondo told Spears. “Everything that I’m telling him, [Garnett] told me. Experience is everything. If someone has it and is willing to share it, I was always trying to soak in as much knowledge as possible.”

The takeaways from this meeting and the cohesion between these core players have given the team a renewed positive outlook moving forward and will hopefully result in more wins this season.

To view the full article on Yahoo! Sports, click here.

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