Kings Ambassadors Release

Kings Announce 2010-11 Kings Ambassadors and New Director Angela Gianulias

-- Gianulias will oversee group of community leaders committed to assisting the Kings throughout the Sacramento region --

SACRAMENTO, CA, November 22, 2010 -- The Sacramento Kings today announced the 2010-11 members of the Kings Ambassadors program, along with new Kings Ambassadors Director Angela Gianulias.

Kings Ambassadors are community leaders committed to assisting the Kings with their mission of strengthening the bond between the team and the Sacramento community. The 2010-11 members of the Kings Ambassadors program are:

Darius Anderson, Adam Attia, Dave Baker, Constantine Baranoff, James Beckweth, Bill Blanas, Lou Blanas (Co-Chair), Kelly Brothers, Bob Buccola, Kirk Camunez, Larry Cassidy, Simi Chehrazzi, Brian Cooley, Dan Crowley, Darrell Darnell, Grant Deary, Roni Deutch, Larry Dicke, Billy Downing, Roger Dreyer, Chris Eaton, Susan Foondos, Ilan Frank, John Frisch, Troy and Yvonne Glenn, Tom Gotelli, Marc Haddad, Matt Haines, Steve Hammond, Lloyd Harvego, Greg Hayes, Jeffrey Hohlbein, Michael Horowitz, Laura Izon Powell, Bobby Jackson (Co-Chair), Caroline Jensen, Kelly Jensen, Mayor Kevin Johnson, Randy Kajioka, Gerry Kamilos, Seth Kaplan, Gale Kaufman, Julia Kelly, Bill Kershaw, Janet Kershaw, Tim King, Sotiris Kolokotronis, James Kouretas, Jamie Llopis, Donna Lucas, Matt Mahood, Colleen Mains, John Manikas, Ramin Manshadi, Hayden Markstein, Ed Marszal, Adam Mendelsohn, Nancy Miller, Pat Mitchell, Michael Mock, Fabian Nunez, Christopher Obmann, Kitty O’Neil, Arlen Opper, John Pappas, Chuck Peterson, Chevo Ramirez, Tim Ray, Aaron Read, Lindsey Read, Bob Rosenberg, Brian Salemme, Bruce Scheidt, Bill Simas, Alex Sioukas, Dean Sioukas, Karen Skelton, Kevin Sloat, Sandy Smoley, Rhett Snider, Terry Street, Rose Tafoya, Bob Teagle, Tom Tenge, Mike Tooley, Sofia Tsakopoulos, Greg Van Ness, Dan Weitzman, Brian White, Peter Willingham, Jim Wilson, Chris Wohl and Aaron Zeff.

Gianulias takes over the Kings Ambassadors program having 25 years experience in politics and government on the local and state level, including most recently serving as Finance Director for Alberto Torrico’s Attorney General campaign. She also previously served as Finance Director for Phil Angelides’ California State Treasurer campaign, and served as one of his chief fundraising consultants in his bid to become Governor of California.

In addition, Gianulias worked in the policy area as Legislative Director for Senator Patrick Johnston and she served as a fundraising consultant for 10 years for a variety of non-profit and political clients.

Gianulias earned her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from California State University, Sacramento, and she lives in Sacramento with her husband Chris and their daughters, Antonia and Juliana.

Community leaders interested in more information on the Kings Ambassadors program and how to become an Ambassador should contact Gianulias at 916-928-8122 or

For more information about Kings Ambassadors click here.

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