Drone Program Utilized on Golden 1 Center Construction Wins Innovation Award

Sacramento, Calif. – Today, the Sacramento Kings announced that a visual data analytics tool utilizing drones capturing high-resolution video and photos, piloted at the Golden 1 Center construction site, earned an award for innovation from the Turner Construction Company. This is the fourth year that Turner has highlighted outstanding innovations and achievements. 

A team from University of Illinois, funded by a nearly $1 million National Science Foundation Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) grant, developed a predictive visual data analytics tools to automate and streamline today’s time-consuming practices for construction progress monitoring. Turner implemented the technology as a pilot program during the construction of Golden 1 Center.

This award-winning solution utilizes both images and videos taken with camera drones and four-dimensional Building Information Modeling (BIM) to quickly identify and visually communicate performance problems during construction projects via smartphones and tablets to project participants on and off the site. 

“Golden 1 Center will utilize next-generation technology to connect fans and enhance the way they experience basketball games,” said Kings President Chris Granger. “It’s a natural fit for our partners to come together and use technology in revolutionary ways. This drone helped us meet our goals, manage production schedules and costs and provided a resource that connected our partners like never before.”

“The powerful thing about this technology is that it calls attention to elements of construction in our schedule grouped by their location in 3D,” said Lincoln Wood, regional manager for virtual design at Turner Construction. “This streamlines the management of our weekly work planning efforts by allowing us to visualize and mitigate potential risks to our schedule before they happen.”

Mani Golparvar-Fard, assistant professor of Civil Engineering at University of Illinois and CEO of Reconstruct, noted that “the analytics we conduct on these survey-grade 3D visual production models offer construction managers a transparent view into what’s happening on site each day, empowering them to improve reliability in short-term plans and eliminate problems before they happen.”

The pilot project goal was to use the resulting color-coded 3D visual production models from University of Illinois’ technology to easily and quickly inform project stakeholders about at-risk locations on a project site, allowing them to prioritize problems based on their construction plan, and take corrective actions to improve the reliability of short-term project plans and develop more productive workflows for construction.

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