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Inspired by the past

Inspired by the past

Inspired by the past

Created for the Future

In 1985, the Kings came to Sacramento and our city changed forever. Three decades later, a new downtown arena will once again signify a new era for our team. Inspired by the logo which first transformed our city, the new identity is dedicated to our fans and represents the three elements that form the soul of our franchise.

Our City

When you root for the Kings,
you’re rooting for Sacramento

When it looked like our team might not stay, our city stood together to rescue it. To commemorate this bond, Sac is emblazoned on the logo crown, because when you root for the Kings, you’re rooting for Sacramento.

“Sacramento Proud” flag

Our Pride

Our loyalty is legendary

In Sacramento, our loyalty is legendary and our pride never wavers. We are Sacramento proud, and we are not afraid to show it. Ever.

Crown insignia

Our Foundation

We are all Kings

In Sacramento, we are all Kings, and we’ve proudly worn that crown for over 30 years. The new identity is a tribute to our heritage and a celebration of the loyalty that unites us in the past, present and future.

Wear your pride

Primary logo on white hatSecondary lion logo on white t-shirtSecondary ‘Sac’ logo on black hatCrown logo on black polo shirtLion crest logo on cufflinks

The new logo draws from our ambitious beginnings in Sacramento, a time when our community first came together. We again find ourselves at the center of a profound transformation – a new arena for our city and a new identity for the world. The refined crown and ball, and “Sacramento” front and center is a modern take on the civic and franchise pride that has grown for a generation.

The secondary lion logo embodies our fierce loyalty and unmatched pride. Our legendary fanbase creates the greatest home court advantage in all of sports and this mark represents their roar.

This secondary logo symbolizes the bold and unwavering devotion we have for our city. Three simple letters at the heart of the logo show that when you root for the Kings, you root for Sacramento.

The crown is a reminder that we are all Kings. Derived from the primary logo, the crown is angled slightly to provide dimension and strength.

This crest, a symbol of leadership and strength, will be used in our visual identity as we continue to make basketball the premier global sport of the 21st century.