Sacramento Kings and Xperiel Launch Gaming Platform to Enhance Fan Experience

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The Sacramento Kings announced a collaboration with Xperiel, inventor of the Real World Web (RWW) platform, to bring new engagement activities to the fingertips of fans. Xperiel’s cutting-edge, new fan engagement experiences will enable fans to engage with the team via a predictive gaming program in the Kings and Golden 1 Center’s new mobile app.

“Call The Shot” will open to fans beginning with tonight’s game against the Dallas Mavericks. Fans will be able to make predictions about what will happen during the game and collect points based on their wagers, whether they are attending the game or watching from around the world.

“Through technology, we’re using innovation to enhance the fan experience in new and dynamic ways,” said Kings Chief Technology Officer Ryan Montoya. “We want our fans to connect and feel integrated into the game. Xperiel is helping our fans experience Kings Basketball in a whole new way.”

Xperiel’s platform enables the Real World Web™ to come to life by providing augmented reality experiences to consumers. The predictive gaming enables all fans to actively participate in the excitement of Kings games, interact with the team and other fans in a unique way. The platform is built into the Kings new app, which serves as a “remote control” to the world’s most technologically advanced and connected arena in sports.

“We want to provide Sacramento Kings fans and visitors to Golden 1 Center an opportunity to play along with the players of the team,” said Xperiel CEO Alex Hertel. “Integrating Xperiel’s platform into the Kings + Golden 1 Center app will allow the team to engage with its audiences in a more compelling and effective way. And we have activations coming soon that will essentially turn Golden 1 Center into an integrated digital playground, providing fans an even more personalized experience while at games. This is what we call the Real World Web.”

Throughout the season, fans will be able to experience more engaging activities at Golden 1 Center by way of their mobile phones. To download the “Sacramento Kings + Golden 1 Center” app, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play.

For images of the user’s experience, visit bit.ly/KingsCallTheShot.


Xperiel is bringing what it calls the Real World Web (RWW) to life. The RWW is where the physical and digital worlds converge to provide augmented reality experiences for consumers across any OS or mobile device. To orchestrate the RWW, the inventors of Google Wallet technology built the Xperiel platform, comprised of a universal trigger fabric, device-agnostic applications in the cloud and an all new graphical programming language based on the founders’ original Ph.D. research. Xperiel makes it possible for users to quickly build device-agnostic applications in the cloud that are contextually aware and can communicate with real world and online triggers. A trigger is an activation point that signals Xperiel to deliver immersive, customized experiences to individuals via their mobile phones, wearables, virtual reality technology or any connected device. Xperiel’s patented, easy-to-use graphical programming language opens the door for non-technical people to develop applications in less than an hour, radically compressing the time and cost it takes to build IoT apps. Xperiel changes the way people can and will interact with a completely connected world. Companies in industries spanning professional sports, entertainment, retail and more are using the Xperiel platform to maximize the value of their IoT investments. Organizations including the Los Angeles Dodgers and Pepsico use Xperiel to deliver engaging experiences via the RWW that ensure loyalty while increasing revenue opportunities.