Kings Logos Among Best of the Year

Sacramento was selected as a finalist in a competition searching for the best new sports logos in North America.
by Benedict Tagle

The new logos of the Sacramento Kings recently earned some high praise. hosted a competition to find the best new sports logos in North America over the past twelve months, and both the Kings primary and alternate emblems were selected.

Among the hundreds of competitors, the Kings primary logo placed in the top five, being celebrated for its combination of past and future.

“A perfect marriage of their classic logo with their current colors,” praised judge Demetrius Bell from SB Nation of the new symbol of #SacramentoProud. “They didn’t just go back to the past, they put a modern stamp on a classic design and perfectly bridged the gap from the past to the present.”

One of the Kings alternate logos ranked second best in its category. The blending of Kings colors, mascot, and basketball placed the logo as a favorite of the judges.

Clark Rasmussen of commented on the integration of different features, noting that the Kings did “a great job of blending royal iconography in the form of a lion with elements from Sacramento’s primary logo.”

Maury Brown, a sportswriter who focuses on the business side of baseball for Forbes offered a positive take as well:

One of my favs over the last few years. Love the simplistic nature of it. One of the best designs for scaling. Could see it stand out on something as small as a key chain, or as large as a tee or hat. Works across all platforms.

Tyler Kepner, a judge from the New York Times, applauded the Kings alternate emblem as a “nice integration of the primary logo” that has “a subtle basketball and a color scheme unique to the (League).”

You can see the additional praise judges gave the Kings logos and the other finalists here.

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