• 1923

    Les Harrison organizes and plays for the semi-pro Rochester Seagrams sponsored by a local distillery.

  • 1930

    Harrison operates and coaches the Rochester Seagrams.

  • 1940

    Rochester Seagrams compete in the Chicago World Professional Basketball Tournament.

  • 1941

    Rochester again is invited to the Chicago World Professional Basketball Tournament.

  • 1942

    Rochester Seagrams become the Rochester Eber Seagrams.

  • 1943

    Harrison renames team the Rochester Pros.

  • 1945

    Harrison and his brother join the National Basketball League (NBL) as a sponsor.

  • 1945

    Named the Royals after 15-year-old Richard Paeth wins essay contest to name team.

  • 1945

    Bob Davies is signed by Les Harrison.

  • 1946

    Harrison signs William "Dolly" King and William "Pop" Gates becoming one of the first to integrate basketball - a year before Jackie Robinson makes his Brooklyn Dodgers debut.

  • 1946

    Royals sweep Sheboygan to win the NBL Championship.

  • 1947

    Royals Win Division Title.

  • 1947

    Davies named NBL MVP.

  • 1948

    Royals repeat as division champions.

  • 1948

    Harrison's Royals leave the NBL for the Basketball Athletic Association (BAA).

  • 1949

    NBL merges with BAA to form the National Basketball Association (NBA).

  • 1951

    Royals Crowned NBA Champions.

  • 1955

    Royals move into the Rochester War Memorial.

  • 1955

    Royals select Maurice Stokes 2nd overall.

  • 1955

    Royals make Jack Twyman the 8th selection in Draft.

  • 1956

    Maurice Stokes wins Rookie of the Year honors.

  • 1957

    Team moves to Cincinnati and becomes the Cincinnati Royals.

  • 1957

    Stokes breaks the NBA single-season record for most rebounds with 1,256.

  • 1958

    Team becomes a public corporation.

  • 1958

    Stokes suffers severe head injury.

  • 1960

    Twyman becomes first NBA player to average over 30 points per game (31.2 ppg).

  • 1960

    Royals make Oscar Robertson 1st pick in Draft.

  • 1961

    Oscar Robertson wins NBA All-Star MVP.

  • 1962

    Robertson becomes only player to average a triple-double for entire season.

  • 1966

    Royals purchased by brothers Max and Jeremy Jacobs.

  • 1970

    Royals Draft Nate "Tiny" Archibald.

  • 1970

    Royals select Sam Lacey.

  • 1972

    Team moves to Kansas City and becomes the Kansas City - Omaha Kings (since Royals was already used by the area's Major League Baseball team, franchise changes nickname but sticks with "royal" theme).

  • 1972

    Archibald becomes only player to lead NBA in points and assists, averaging 34 and 11.4, respectively.

  • 1980

    Royals founder Harrison enshrined in Hall of Fame.

  • 1983

    Jack Twyman enshrined in Hall of Fame.

  • Jun. 8, 1983

    Kings purchased for approximately $10.5 million by a local business group responsible for bringing the Kings to Sacramento: Joseph Benvenuti, Frank and Gregg Lukenbill, Bob A. Cook, Frank McCormick and Stephen H. Cippa.

  • Jan. 1985

    Group petitioned NBA Board of Governors to move team to Sacramento, nine months later Kansas City Kings become Sacramento Kings.

  • Oct. 25, 1985

    L.A. Clippers defeat Kings 108-104 before a sold-out crowd of 10,333 at ARCO Arena in the first regular season professional basketball game played in Sacramento.

  • 1991

    Kings trade rights to Billy Owens for Mitch Richmond and Les Jepsen.

  • 1991

    Archibald enshrined in Hall of Fame.

  • Apr. 6, 1992

    Jim Thomas takes ownership of team.

  • May 22, 1994

    Kings reveal franchise's current primary logo, home and road uniforms and team colors.

  • 1995

    Richmond voted MVP of All-Star Game.

  • 1998

    Kings send Richmond and Otis Thorpe to Washington for Chris Webber.

  • 1998

    Kings sign free agent Vlade Divac.

  • Jan. 15, 1999

    Maloofs purchase controlling interest, effective July 1, 1999.

  • 2002

    Kings win Pacific Division title.

  • 2003

    Kings win Pacific Division title.

  • 2004

    Stokes enshrined in Hall of Fame.


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