J-Will Reminisces and Reacts with House of Highlights

The legendary Kings point guard breaks down the jaw-dropping moves of his past.
by Tracee Jay
Social Media Producer

“Ooh! Ahh!”

That’s probably what you said watching Jason Williams do his thing on the hardwood.

Now you have to chance to see it from his perspective, as he sits down with House of Highlights founder and host, Omar Raja.

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P.S. Look at Lamar Odom’s face during the play.

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Williams has been practicing for his highlight mix since high school. Throwing dimes to another legend and high school teammate, Randy Moss.

According to J-Will, the NFL great was the first one to catch the flames he was throwing.

“He was pretty good, man. Everyone says it was Chris Webber, the first one to catch all those passes, but Moss, you could throw it anywhere.”

C-Webb may not have been the first one No. 55 was throwing it to, but some of those assists to him and the Kings squad may be the most memorable.

From the around-the-world pass vs Philly, crossing up “The Glove,” aka, Gary Payton, and even a segment of his best moments just showing out vs the Lakers, there’s no shortage of his wow moments in the league.


What’s even better is you’re hearing it from White Chocolate himself.

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