ESPN Sees Playoff Future for Young Kings

ESPN's Zach Lowe penned a piece on De’Aaron Fox and his road to becoming the Kings ‘MVP-level superstar.'
by Allison Ward
Digital Intern

“He is a stud—driver of the league’s happiest surprise.”

This was just some of the heavy praise for De’Aaron Fox, dished out by ESPN's Zach Lowe in his most recent article.

Lowe had many compliments of No. 5 when it came to his MVP potential as well as the rest of the squad’s bright future.

“The Kings are a refreshing basketball story – a team of guys who fit well, growing together,” Lowe continued.

In his piece, he discussed the prominent success De’Aaron has displayed in only his sophomore year; a shift that is proving that he might be ahead of his time when it comes to playoffs in the next couple seasons.

And Swipa wasn’t the only one who shined in Lowe’s eyes.

“Bagley has exploded over the past two months; he and Harry Giles III have the outlines of an ultra-modern frontline. Buddy Hield and Bogdan Bogdanovic orbit them as shooters, passers and cutters; Hield has been a borderline All-Star this season,” proclaimed Lowe.

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"[They are] a superteam, just young. I believe that," Vlade said. "These kids work hard. They have talent. When you have those things, there's no way you're not gonna succeed.”

Coach Joerger can see the stars aligning as well for his young roster, and he believes Fox is one of the key components in their rise.

"We want sustained success so that when we do get in the playoffs – maybe it's not this year, maybe it's not next year – we have the opportunity to harvest 50-win seasons for five years,” Joerger stated.

"Guys want to play with him," Joerger continued on De'Aaron.

Jason March, an assistant who works closely with the Kentucky product followed up by saying, "He is at a different level. He sees plays before they happen. When your point guard can do that in his second year, it's special.”

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As for Swipa, he is determined to push himself and the rest of the team forward into next year’s postseason.

"Next year, we should definitely make the playoffs,” Fox said. “What happened here 10 years ago doesn't matter. Everyone feels like we can turn this around."

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