Yogi Ferrell Discusses His Home Workouts, Charity Work & More

On a recent podcast, No. 3 checks in to discuss how his life has changed since the NBA season was postponed.
by Jordan Ramirez
Digital Managing Editor

Like the rest of the world, Yogi Ferrell is adjusting to the new normal.

"Just been trying to keep myself busy with home workouts," Ferrell said on The Baseline NBA podcast. "Pushups, situps, running outside and even doing dribbling drills.

It's tough to find a hoop now...just to keep that motion in. It's been a rough time but it's been nice to sit back and reflect, too."

No. 3 continues to adjust to life at home, including virtual calls with coaches and teammates, as well as supplements.

"It's a little different, sometimes it's just holding calls to see how everyone is doing and seeing where everyone is at. Our strength and conditioning coaches are checking in and making sure we're staying up to date on our works.

When I was back in Indiana, they sent out a couple dumbbells and supplements over. It's different times right now...hopefully it changes here soon."

Finally, Ferrell toughed on his charitable work in the Sacramento community, most recently, donating meals and ice cream to foster youth and staff in the Sacramento area.

"We need to give back to the people...I'm big on the foster system because my mom was a foster parent and I have two adopted foster sisters."

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