Where Does Sactown Land in Annual League Pass Rankings?

In rankings devised by ESPN, the Kings have some work to do to find themselves at the top.
by Jordan Ramirez
Digital Managing Editor

For the past eight years, ESPN's Zach Lowe has concocted league rankings based on watchability.

Sactown has previously landed as high as the Top 10, but have some improvements to make this year to reach that mark.

"This is a huge season for De'Aaron Fox, having secured the proverbial bag," writes Lowe.

The Kings landed at No. 23 overall in this season's rankings.

"If Fox can get all the elements of his game going at once, he could become a multiple-time All-Star -- and maybe more," continued Lowe.

Sacramento is 2-1 with another tilt against the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday.

"As I wrote here, Marvin Bagley III is another swing guy -- a potential superstar on offense. Buddy Hield jacked 13 3s per 36 minutes in the preseason, so he's ready. I'm stoked Tyrese Haliburton is about to be part of my life."

Lowe also complimented the new additions to the broadcast team, saying "Mark Jones and Kyle Draper will be great on play-by-play."

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