Webber Expresses Love for Sacramento

During a recent visit to the Capital City, one of the best in franchise history shared his thoughts on the fans, new arena, and the city.
by Benedict Tagle
Writer, Kings.com

Sacramento Kings fans have long been regarded some of the very best fans in all sports. Through good times and bad, they have stuck by their team.

The passion and dedication to the team have not gone unnoticed by players both past and present. Reciprocating the love he received from the fans, Chris Webber shared his appreciation for the Kings faithful.

“When I think of Sacramento, I think of loyalty,” he shared. “The people banding together, David beating down Goliath, I think the people here are just really tough, tough-minded, have great hearts.”

He also had kind words for the beautiful Golden 1 Center on his recent visit. Coming as a result of tireless work by the city, NBA and team’s ownership’s commitment to Sacramento, it is the product of years of effort.

See what else he had to say below.

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