Vlade Shares Kings Vision

With Kings legend Vlade Divac stepping into the primary leadership role of basketball operations this offseason, he has reiterated that his goal has been to stabilize the front office and turn the Kings into a fun, winning franchise again.

In a recent Q&A with NBA.com’s David Aldridge, Vlade discussed everything from his initial time in a front office with the Los Angeles Lakers, Real and the Serbian Olympic program to his relationship with Shaquille O’Neal and the emerging importance of the three-point shot.

Take a look at some of the best questions and answers from the intriguing discussion below!

David Aldridge: Is this what you thought the job was going to be when you came aboard in March?

Vlade Divac: Yeah. I mean, since I retired, I worked a year in Los Angeles (with the Lakers). I worked for the Real Madrid basketball team, and then went back to Serbia (to chair) the Olympic committee. It's a familiar place for me when you talk about management. This new job, it's a good situation for me. Basketball is my life. It's nothing new for me. It's something very familiar. I feel very comfortable with that.

Aldridge: You've seen how the NBA game has evolved in recent years, with the proliferation of 3-pointers and the emphasis on smaller lineups. Is that something you're okay with and expect the Kings to emulate?

Divac: Well, right now, that's the type of game that most successful teams are playing ... a lot of people talk about small lineups. I still believe that the big guy has to be influential, in terms of putting the ball down and going out. You can't just rely on shooting, because some nights he's not going to make shots. You need the big man's presence, anyway.

Aldridge: How did your time with Real and with the Serbian Olympic program help prepare you for coming back over here with the Kings?

Divac: It was an important opportunity. As a basketball player, you're just on one side of the basketball job. Off the floor, you don't think about what's going on behind the scenes. But I spent a year with the Lakers and Real Madrid and on the Olympic Committee, showed them how much it's important to work behind the scenes to make sure guys have a peaceful environment. I worked hard to do that. It's a lot of time, spending time looking at tapes, talking to people, the insiders, rumors -- you guys aren't helping, the media -- I communicate with everybody. It's a totally different world.

Aldridge: What would a team playing to your vision look like on the floor?

Divac: Well, I really like the style of basketball that I used to play, starting with the Lakers, the Hornets and then the Kings -- the type of basketball Golden State plays right now. I like sharing the ball. Basketball is a team game. You want to end up and make sure that every player is involved. I don't like those East Coast types that slow down and you've got the one guy with the ball and two waiting around the corner like something's going to happen. I need everybody to be involved.

Aldridge: Are you stunned that you and Shaq are working together? Will you make him carry bags or something?

Divac: I have to say, I'm lucky to have him on our ownership group. Sometimes I like to talk to people like that about things that I'm not sure about. The other day, I was talking to Shaq, getting some advice. It's great to communicate.

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