Divac Enters Basketball Royalty at Hall of Fame

The most important speech of Vlade Divac's career started with a simple message:

"To me the game of basketball has always been about love."

The man that gave so much to the game he loved entered the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame on Friday, joining 11 others for the prestigious honor.

"I believe that love gives you the freedom and power to share your best self and to inspire others," Divac continued. "Love liberates you and gives you the power to make the impossible possible."

Divac was joined by NBA legend Jerry West, who drafted the 7-footer out of Yugoslavia with the No. 26 pick in the 1989 NBA Draft.

"It's that willingness to take a risk on opening the doors to something new, that allowed Jerry West to be able to make my dream come true, and in the process turned the NBA from an American dream into the greatest basketball brand in the world."

No. 21's accomplishments range far and wide, from International competition to the NBA, making Divac a global ambassador for the game he loves.

"Basketball is the opposite of selfishness," continued the Hall of Famer. "Basketball is solely about giving and sharing and caring for one another. As in life, to be the best in basketball you can't put any limits on your existence."

Divac becomes the 15th member of the Kings to enter the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, joining Mitch Richmond as the second player to join in the Sacramento-era.

A member of the 2018 class, former Yugoslavian teammate Dino Radja attended the ceremony, as well as fellow Sacramento legend Chris Webber.

"Basketball is like life, and life is like basketball," Divac said in his closing remarks.

"It's just a game. So let's play it the best we can while we're still here: with love, compassion, selflessness, fair play, and supporting each other to be bigger and better human beings."

No. 21 loves basketball, and on Friday, it was basketball's turn to love him back.