Training Camp Recap Day 2: Up and Running

The Kings hit the ground running as training camp continued on Tuesday.
by Kyle Ramos
Writer, Digital

With the first preseason contest now just five days away, the Kings preparation continued with an active afternoon training camp session.

The focus of this afternoon’s practice was primarily conditioning drills - all in an effort to allow the squad to get ready for the rigors of an NBA contest. Coach Joerger closed the session with a fast-paced passing exercise aimed at getting players in game form come Monday’s exhibition.

Following the first of two practices today, rookie forward Justin Jackson provided some insight into his initial experience at training camp.

“I’m having a blast. I actually went home last night to my wife and talked about how I was in a shooting drill with Vince Carter - not many people can say that,” Jackson said.

The North Carolina product also touched on how he’s been taking advantage of those experienced players surrounding him on Sacramento’s roster.

“I try to ask some questions every once in awhile. If I see something on the court that I don’t really understand I might go over to somebody and ask them,” said Jackson. “So it’s great to have guys like that that you can lean on, that have been through pretty much everything in this league.”

The Kings close out the day with another evening session, likely focusing on set walkthroughs and allowing the team to get their first contact scrimmages.

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