Team USA Also Good at Taboo

With Team USA’s exhibition season underway, the trio of DeMarcus Cousins, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving has dominated competition, combining for an average of 40 points per game en route to three blowout victories. While the superstars hardwood abilities are mesmerizing, their Taboo game turns heads as well.

Boogie, KD and Kyrie showed up at GQ to face some of the editorial staff in a game of Taboo and while they weren’t as dominant as their on-court performances, they snuck out with a victory.

Cousins descriptiveness and ability to make the most out of hints made him an excellent teammate. Eventually, Team USA went on to defeat GQ in the ultimate Taboo game, 7-6.

We’re expecting plenty of additional victories for the squad throughout August.

See the best from the trio’s Taboo contest below:

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