Swipa Goes River-Rafting with ESPN

The third-year point guard wades through the waters of Sactown with Sam Alipour.
by Tracee Jay
Social Media Producer

“Is that what a rapid is?”

De’Aaron Fox was in for quite the surprise when he learned that he would be raging through rapid waters and not answering rapid-fire questions. While No. 5 won’t be answering questions quickly – we still learn more about the Sactown Phenom.

Going rafting brought back fond memories of times with him and his mother, Lorraine Fox.

“[Lorraine’s church group] would have these races, where most of her church group either had breast cancer or were breast cancer survivors.”

 De’Aaron as well as Lorraine are very passionate about this issue, as Lorraine is a breast cancer survivor herself. He describes to Sam, that because of his mother and these memories, that is what the focus of his foundation – Fox Whole Family Foundation – is based off of.

Fox’s foundation hopes to combat breast cancer while supporting breast cancer survivors and working to strengthen leadership skills of the underprivileged youth.

The conversation shifts to basketball and Alipour asks him about his rivals in his draft class. The Kentucky product says that he doesn’t just compare himself to his draft class but to the best in the league.

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“I want to continue to get better. I want people to put me in the forefront of those elite players in the league, and I feel like I still have a way to go.”

After some time on the water, Swipa and Sam take a quick break for lunch and then back to rafting.

This time, the question of Luke Walton’s philosophy was asked.

“He’s implementing defense first,” Fox explained. “He’s coming in and making defense a real mindset for the team.”

Watch De’Aaron and the Kings take the court tomorrow, against Golden State. To watch the full clip, visitESPN.

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