Summer Rewind: Justin Jackson

The second-year forward has been on his A-game this offseason.
by Tracee Jay

Justin Jackson is making his first summer in The Association count.

Coming off a productive rookie season, Jackson got right back in the gym, the workout room and even spent time with local youth groups.

No. 25 wasted no time getting buckets this offseason, playing in both Sacramento and Las Vegas Summer League. He set a career-high Summer League record with 28 points against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Once landing back in Sactown, he got right back to work.

Not only did Jackson set a milestone with his career-high outing, but he also set one in his personal life. Jackson and his wife, Brooke, celebrated one year of marriage this summer.

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Love is defined as an intense “feeling” or deep “affection”. But you have shown me it is so much more than that Brooke Starr. You have shown that love is an action, not just a feeling. Love is sacrificial and unconditional. You love how Jesus loves and I’m the most blessed man to receive that love. 1st year of an eternity baby. Saying my world has been changed is an understatement for what you have done in my life. Your smile is sunshine, your beauty is like a unicorn jumping over a rainbow... the most majestic thing in creation and your heart shines the most radiant light. I cannot wait for more food deliveries and episodes of “This is us” until God takes us home... I love you soulmate

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JJacks rounded out his summer with additional efforts to give back to the community. He spoke to a group of children in the Sacramento area at the City of Refuge Clinic, empowering them with motivation and basketball.

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