Sacramento’s Locker Room DJ

Music is an important and oft-used tool in NBA locker rooms to fire players up and get them locked in before tip-off.

As such, a recent article by SLAM Online did some investigating and asked around all 30 teams in the Association for which players were tasked with selecting the tunes to turn up their team’s tenacity.

According to Ben McLemore, there is more of a communal philosophy for the Kings locker room when it comes to who is playing the jams.

“Everybody mostly does their own thing,” said McLemore. However, the Kings guard also relented that there are a couple of select guys who step up from time to time.

“If there is one guy who does it most, it’s probably myself or Rudy [Gay],” said Ben. “We do a lot of Drake. Future. Now we’ve got a lot of Lil Uzi [Vert].”

To view the full article revealing the resident DJs on other teams, click here.

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