Road Trip Q&A: Quincy Acy

by Jason Wise
Director, Digital

Kings forward Quincy Acy discusses his return to Toronto, life on the road and earning the distinction of team DJ.

What are your favorite things about team road trips?

“You get to spend time with your teammates. I think it helps team chemistry, and it’s really fun to see different cities. You get to see things you never would have.”

How does a gameday on the road differ from one at home?

“At home, I have more time to take a nap! You have shootaround whenever Coach wants you to, instead of sticking to what the other team allows you to do. You really just have more time at home.”

Do you find yourself needing to mentally adjust when practicing in an opponent’s venue?

“No. As long as you have a hardwood floor and a hoop, you’re good. If you’ve been playing since high school, with AAU and college, you’re used to it.”

In which game are you most excited to play on this trip?

“Definitely Toronto – no question. It’s my first time since the trade and it was my first time being traded, so it’s kind of (new) for me, but I’m looking forward to just going back to the place that drafted me, the city that took me in and the fans that really embraced me. It’s going to be cool to play in front of them and to play in that facility again.”

What’s it like adjusting to the various time zones on a long road trip?

“It’s what’s tough about going from the west to the east. When I was in the east and we would go on a West Coast trip, we would get more time to sleep, but going the other way, you lose time. It’s really the hard part – you have to try to get to sleep early.”

What are two things you never travel without?

“My laptop and my headphones.”

Do you generally sit in the same seat on the planes and busses? If so, who are the teammates you most often sit near?

“We sit in the same seats – I sit next to Jason (Thompson). I used to sit next to Ben (McLemore), but now I’m the designated DJ. So we have some speakers set up and I play the music.”

How would you describe the packing process for such an extended trip?

“I just did laundry, and then I roll all my clothes up to try to create space. I only have the one suitcase!”

How does traveling in the pros compare to traveling in college?

“You don’t have to wait at the airport! You don’t have to wait around and sit so close to other people – we have legroom now! The food is also great so it definitely has its perks.”

Which city has the team visited that had the most Kings fans in attendance?

“That’s tough because I haven’t been here all that long, but I would have to say L.A.”

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