‘The Ringer’ on Why Davion Mitchell is a ‘Winner’

In a new episode of The Ringer’s “The Mismatch,” Kevin O’Connor and Chris Vernon discuss Davion Mitchell’s Summer League play.
by Sydney Zuelke
Social Media Manager

The duo can barely contain their excitement when looking back on Mitchell’s dominance on defense out of the gate – more specifically, his guarding of fellow 2021 lottery pick James Bouknight during the team’s Summer League opener.

“The way he played defense against Bouknight… If you can’t watch that and understand how that is translatable, then I can’t help you,” Vernon said.

He continues: “And you understand why in college they called Davion Mitchell ‘Off Night.’”

O’Conner describes speaking with an executive from another team who confided in him:

“They have never seen a player enter the NBA better at fighting over screens,” O’Conner says, stating that the exec claimed he has “never seen anyone better” in all his years in the league.

O’Conner and Vernon go on to discuss the importance of “measurables” when drafting and growing players, and how there may be more than meets the eye when it comes to judging young talent such as Davion Mitchell.

Check out the full clip below:


Also, watch Davion and co. compete for the Summer League Championship on Tuesday night against the Boston Celtics.

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