Q&A: Kings Assistant General Manager Brandon D. Williams

Assistant General Manager Brandon D. Williams brings a wealth of professional basketball experience to Sacramento’s front office team.

Williams’ experience spans decades – including as an NBA player, NBA league executive, and NBA front office executive. He also brings legal skills with him – he received a law degree from Rutgers University in 2012.

His wealth of experience and expertise will be a strong addition to the Kings’ front office team.

Kings.com recently had the chance to catch up with the new Kings Assistant GM regarding his thoughts on the future in Sactown.

How do you feel your diverse background in basketball has prepared you for this current role as Assistant General Manager?

Front office jobs require a lot of multitasking, so I’m going to have to keep my eyes on a lot of things. The nature of professional basketball is a little bit of juggling. Whether it’s basketball operations or player development or community programs – it’s important to be able to understand the big picture and manage priorities. I think I have a good deal of practice there and will work to ensure we continue to be a very efficient and swift moving group.

What excites you the most about joining the Kings?

A chance to build. Anyone that does this job is competitive by nature. Every day that you play the game, you’re playing to win. We want to be king of the hill. And we’re working hard every day to get there. You’ve got to enjoy the steps. It does not feel as sweet if you haven’t been through something. As we start to take a turn and this team starts to see some success, that’s going to feel so sweet. This role is going to give me a chance to be an integral part of the bright future ahead for the Kings. That’s what gets me fired up and excited to be part of this team.

What was your experience like playing for Dave Joerger back on the Skyforce?

I’m really looking forward to working with Coach Joerger again. When I talked to Dave about an opportunity to play with Sioux Falls, I just heard the passion in his voice. He’s a winner but also someone who’s had to prove it by winning at every level. He just climbed and believed in himself. He believes in taking the right steps and I was motivated, even at that stage in my career, to go play for somebody that wants to compete and wants to win. It was a nice role for me to play as a veteran alongside a young coach and I have a great deal of respect for his ability to manage multiple personalities. He coached his hardest and motivated his players to play for him and we wound up winning a championship. I see myself, in a lot of ways, following in his footsteps here with a team that is on the path to becoming something special. I’m looking forward to working with him and rolling up my sleeves.

What would be one thing you’d want Kings fans to know heading into this upcoming season?

Be really excited. I love getting fired up because that’s what this is all about. I can’t wait to experience the energy in the building. And I’d encourage everyone to be patient because the great strength of our team is going to be in our belief that these players will improve, that chemistry will develop and that they will develop into professionals. Our veterans are going to help mentor them and pave the way. It will happen over time – and you can believe that everyone in the front office and the coaching staff is working together, giving it everything we’ve got to do our part.

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