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Pollard to Star in Season 32 of 'Survivor'

The fun-loving former Kings center is set to make his Reality T.V. debut on CBS' hit show Survivor.
by Jason Wise
Director, Digital

Like milk and cereal, MJ and Pippen, and the Kings in Sacramento, Scot Pollard appearing on Survivor just makes sense.

According to the blog "Inside Survivor," the former Kings center will be a cast member on the 32nd season of the hit CBS show.

"Pollard marks the second former NBA star to appear on Survivor after Cliff Robinson, who competed on Survivor: Cagayan last year," wrote the blog.

Robinson - who finished in 14th place - is hopefully not indicative of how Pollard's run on the show will play out.

With the season aptly named Survivor: Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty II (you could argue Pollard would fit into every one of those categories), Kings fans should surely be excited to watch one of their favorite former players compete for the No. 1 spot.

The show is scheduled to air in February of 2016.

What other Kings players do you think could compete on Survivor? Tell us in the comments below!

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