Offseason Sit-Down: Maurice Brazelton

For the latest installment of our Offseason Sit-Down series, we chatted with the Director of Entertainment for the Sacramento Kings, Maurice Brazelton.
by Hannah Taheri
Social Media Associate

As Senior Director of Entertainment for the Sacramento Kings, what do your day-to-day responsibilities include?

I oversee all aspects of the in-game entertainment at Sacramento Kings games. I direct the show from courtside, calling cues for music, lighting, video, entertainment groups, mascot, hosts, on-court promotions, halftime entertainment.

Prior to landing this position, you worked as a referee, a stage manager, a center court lead, and more. How did these different roles help prepare you for the position you hold today?

I actually started officiating shortly after starting with the Kings. As a game-night coordinator back in 2000-01, I would be stationed close to courtside. I remember watching the referees work and saying to myself that I could do this.

So, I started in high school and then made it into the junior college level and for the past 12 years, I’ve officiated at Division II college basketball games. At one point, I had ambitions of working at the NBA level, but the process is so tough and time consuming. I’m content at the college level. 

I’ve worked with the NBA since 2005, working the NBA All-Star weekends. I started as a Stage Manager, working the celebrity games, and other events leading up to the All-Star Sunday. I had the chance to co-direct the 2017 and 2018 NBA All-Star games in New Orleans and Los Angeles. That was a very cool experience! It was challenging and intense, but fun.

As a Sacramento native, did you grow up a Kings fan? If so, how does it feel to be working for the team you’ve been rooting for your whole life?

Yes, I have always been a fan. Although I didn’t attend many games as a fan growing up, I remember collecting pins and memorabilia since I was a kid!

What are you most looking forward to this upcoming season?  

I’m looking forward to the development of our entertainment teams. Not only did we add a new group — our new co-ed performance team, 916 Crew — we had a makeover of our street team and drumline, adding talented members to both groups.

As for the 916 Crew, I think this new crew will be very entertaining. Their level of dance is very good, the team is inclusive of all body types, about half the team is male dancers, and overall the team represents the very diverse community we live in.  

Lastly, if you could pick ONE word to describe the energy of the arena at a Kings game to try to convince someone to come out to a game, what would that word be?


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