NBA Stars Share High Praise for Fox

During the reveal of Nike’s Statement Uniforms, former Kentucky Wildcats spoke highly of the Kings No. 5 overall selection.
by Shahbaz Khan
Managing Editor, Digital

Perennial All-Star and former Kentucky floor general John Wall has become one of the Association’s most electric performers. Through elite ball handling skills, coast-to-coast speed and defensive abilities, Wall’s standing among the NBA’s best point guards is clear.

Known to have a similar skillset to Wall’s following a one-year stint in Lexington, Kentucky, Kings rookie De’Aaron Fox has drawn several comparisons to the Wizards guard – this time from rising star Karl-Anthony Towns.

“He’s going to be John Wall v.2,” said Towns. “I think that everyone in Sacramento got a gem with him.”

The praise didn’t stop there for De’Aaron, with former Wildcats Eric Bledsoe and Julius Randle weighing in on the guard’s future in Sactown.

“They’re going to get a really good player,” said Randle. “They’re going to push the pace, play fast, and he’s going to make players around him better.”

The excitement for the incoming Wildcat stems from his poise and play under the tutelage of John Calipari, where his on-court demeanor made him an ideal teammate according to Bledsoe.

“I loved watching him in college,” shared Bledsoe. “A lot of his teammates will love playing with him since his personality is so great.”

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