Nancy Lieberman Inspires at She Shares

She Shares is a conversation series featuring women who have made an impact on their community via their leadership efforts. As the second female coach in NBA history, a Basketball Hall of Famer and two-time Olympian, Nancy Lieberman is a perfect fit for this stage.

“This world is about being a team," she said during the event, "and we’re all role players in this thing called life."

Throughout the conversation the former WNBA player shared her experience working in the sports industry as an athlete and coach, balancing a demanding career with her family and more.

Lieberman praised the people of Sacramento and her colleagues with the Kings for their support in her quest for equality in the workplace and in life. “Don’t do something for something, do it because you love it,” she continued.

Bringing it all back to basketball, she emphasized the importance of a leadership role in any capacity is like being a point guard, posing the following question: How do you grow and support the rest of your teammates?

Capping off a fantastic event, she left attendees with a few words of wisdom, “If I’m a better me, we’ll be a better we.”

To view photos from the event, click here.

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